Our Frame Story

Our beautiful cedar frames are custom made in Tofino by local woodworker Paul Owen.

Each frame begins with locally sourced and milled Western Redcedar and is carefully constructed for a delicate looking, but sturdy finished design. 

Colours range from a brighter, yellower hue to the richer, well-known classic Redcedar Red. Paul uses either splines or plugs of contrasting colour in each corner to add unique detail.

 Each frame is a work of art in and of itself, perfectly complimenting the West Coast colours of Kyler's photography.

Frames can be custom ordered in any size ranging from 8”x10” all the way to 40”x60”.

The Process

Each cedar frame begins here, as a locally sourced, rougly chopped log.

The cedar is milled by Paul himself, exposing the beautiful colours of Western Redcedar.

These cedar planks are ready to be cleaned up and cut to size for each frame.

The frames are carefully cut, glued, and clamped to ensure a perfect fit for our fine art prints.

Once dry, Paul adds the splines to each corner for contrast and delicate detail.

Done! The finished frames are finally brought to the Kyler Vos Gallery at the Factory Tofino for framing.